Twin Lakes Realty & Auction
868 South Highway 92
Dandridge, TN 37725
(865) 397-3540

Drive-By Checklist

Neighborhood Below Avg Avg Above Avg
Near your work
Near your spouse's work
Traffic congestion
Noise Level
Nearby groceries
Nearby gas stations
Nearby essentials
Safe main road access
Road conditions
Attractive, well-kept entrance
Clearly marked street signs
Overall look of the neighborhood
Comparable nearby homes
Condition of neighboring homes
Condition of neighboring yards
Overall neighborhood appeal
Home Exterior Below Avg Avg Above Avg
Driveway condition
Lawn, yard space, landscaping
Healthy trees, grass and other plants
Roof condition (damaged shingles, stains)
Gutter condition
Chimney condition
Shutter condition
Exterior paint
Mailbox condition / placement
Overall curb appeal
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